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Clear Lens Demo

Clear Lens Headlight Lens Restoration

  • Repairs UV Damage To Glass & Plastic
  • Will Not Harm Paint or Chrome
  • Leaves A Protective Coating
  • Improves Visibility

Simoniz Engine Oil Stop Leak

  • Add to engine oil
  • Stops and seals motor oil leaks
  • Restores seals and gaskets
  • Works with any type of oil

Stop Leak

  • Condensers
  • Connection Hoses
  • Evaporators
  • Gaskets & O-Rings

Fuel System Treatment

Simoniz Head Gasket Treatment

  • Fixes small leaks in the AC system saving valuable money on wasted freon
  • Mixes with R12 and R134A formulas
  • Fixes condensers
  • Connector hoses

Simoniz Radiator Flush

  • Removes tough cooling system deposits
  • Should be used in conjunction with head gasket treatment to get optomum fix

A/C Deodorizer

  • Goes into the vent system via a hose foam
  • Kills mildew and mold
  • Gives fragrance for three months

Ethanol Gas Treatment

  • Comes in a display
  • Stabilizes fuel for 2 years
  • Octane boost
  • Increases gas mileage

Simoniz Rear Main Seal Repair

  • Add to engine oil
  • Seals timing cover, cam seal, rear main, and other hard to stop oil leaks

Simoniz Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak

  • Add to power steering reservoir
  • Conditions seals
  • Extends power steering system life
  • Prevents or delays costly repairs
  • Revives dried hardened or shrunken seals


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